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Episode 19 – Electro-Stab [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][B][email protected][/B][/URL] *What We're Playing *Review of All Pro Football 2k8 *Impressions of the Heavenly Sword demo *Impressions of the 15-Minute gameplay video for MGS4 (now available on the Store) *News: -Firmware 1.90 Details [url][/url] -Lair is complete. Aug. 14th is the release date [url][/url] -David Jaffe to make a [...]Read more

Episode 18 – We’re Not Fanboys!!.mp3 [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Torgo's a bit tipsy.What We've been playing.Jarrod reviews Nucleus from the PSN.Our final E3 impressions.Torgo starts losing his buzz.New on the Store this week.Goodbye's. Links: [url];title;2[/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]Read more

Episode 17 – Killzone Owns Us

What we're playing. Impressions of the Microsoft and Nintendo Press Events. Sony's Press Event details. Killzone Kicks our asses. Our veiled attempt to keep our regular format. more

Episode 16 – Fireworks What we've been playing Warhawk Beta Final Impressions Impressions of The Bigs Super Stardust HD review Ninja Gaiden Review Notes Savory Cade about his PS3 hands-on [url][/url] News: Jack Tretton throws down the gauntlet: [url][/url] Warhawk Retail details an d headset revealed (Jabra BT125 Bluetooth headset) [url][/url] Headset review- [url][/url] Final Fantasy XIII to [...]Read more