Episode 19 – Electro-Stab

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*What We’re Playing
*Review of All Pro Football 2k8
*Impressions of the Heavenly Sword demo
*Impressions of the 15-Minute gameplay video for MGS4 (now available on the Store)
-Firmware 1.90 Details
-Lair is complete. Aug. 14th is the release date
-David Jaffe to make a “Big Announcement” on Friday the 26th
-Metal Gear Online Closed Beta announced (Probably for Japanese players only)
-Hot Shots Golf 5 sells 135k copies on its first day

-New on the Store this week (today):
* Heavenly Sword playable demo
* Resident Evil 5 game trailer
* Haze “Origins” game trailer
* “30 Days of Night” movie trailer
* “Across the Universe” movie trailer
* “August Rush” movie trailer
* “Vacancy” Blu-Ray movie trailer
* GripShift 2.0 full game – $9.99

Blu-Ray New Releases for next week:
Roving Mars (Imax)
Blue Planet (Imax)

-Farewell to Broadcast Gamer

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