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Episode 23 – The Early Edition [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email Us at: [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] Leave us a Voicemail at (920) 626-4464 or directly to me on Skype. Username: wdt-torgo What we've been playing E-mails Review: Bioshock (Why not? It's recent, we've both been playing the **** out of it, it's a slow week, and  it's coming out on PS3 next year anyways). [...]Read more

Episode 22 – Pardon Our Mess

**Note** We usually use Skype to record the show, but it was unavailable for 2 days. We improvised, but Jarrod had to boost his mic so that I could hear him. Unfortunately, that topped-his mic out too much in the recording process. Also, you may hear some weird edits and pauses. The software we used [...]Read more

Episode 21 – Glenn is a Geek [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email The Show: [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] [URL=""]DIGG Us[/URL] Update on the GTA contest sponsored by and the Playstation Nation Podcast What we've been playing Listener E-mails Hands-On Impressions of Piyotama Hands On impressions with Stranglehold Hands-on Impressions of the GRAW2 demo News: Some little game called GTA4 got delayed David Jaffe needs YOUR [...]Read more

Episode 20 – Breaking News! [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at: [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] [URL=""]DIGG Us[/URL] What we've been playing E-Mail VGEvo/PS3Nation GTA Contest details Review: Transformers: The Game Torgo Installs a new PS3 Hard Drive Hard drive that he installed: [url][/url] News: *PS3 to get Digital tuner and DVR [url][/url] *Rockstar working on Exclusive PS3 franchise *PS3 version of Stranglehold delayed [...]Read more