Episode 21 – Glenn is a Geek

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Update on the GTA contest sponsored by VGEVO.com and the Playstation Nation Podcast

What we’ve been playing

Listener E-mails

Hands-On Impressions of Piyotama
Hands On impressions with Stranglehold
Hands-on Impressions of the GRAW2 demo


Some little game called GTA4 got delayed

David Jaffe needs YOUR help with the Twisted Metal documentary

GT5 Details:

Singstar PS3 Date and some details:

Stranglehold becomes Region-Free:

Warhawk Pricing:

UT3 CONFIRMED Mouse and Keyboard support:

Yet another banned European Playstation ad:


Get a 60GB PS3 for $350.00. No joke.


New Ninja Gaiden Sigma content coming soon:


Dragonforce in GHIII!!!


“we have a tasty little rumor via our friends at Blu-ray.com. Sony Europe has released an ‘unofficial’ calender of upcoming Blu-ray titles and they have both Kill Bill movies listed as a September 2nd releases with Pulp Fiction coming the next day. This is still in Rumorville for now, with no official confirmation of a US release, but what a sweet rumor it is.”

This week in the Playstation Store:

* Piyotama game ($2.99)
* Heavenly Sword Anime episode 1 (free)
* Heavenly Sword making of video 1 (free)
* Turok E3 trailer (free)
* 10,000 BC movie trailer (free)
* Fred Claus movie trailer (free)
* Superbad movie trailer (free)
* Perfect Stranger movie trailer (free)

New releases: PS3: Piyotama

Blu ray: Bell Witch: The movie, Doctor Strange, The Lookout, Vacancy, Wild hogs

Blu Ray review: TMNT

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