Episode 22 – Pardon Our Mess

**Note** We usually use Skype to record the show, but it was unavailable for 2 days. We improvised, but Jarrod had to boost his mic so that I could hear him. Unfortunately, that topped-his mic out too much in the recording process. Also, you may hear some weird edits and pauses. The software we used has a LOT more Latency than we’re used to. The show is still quite good, but the audio quality is not at our normal standard.

Also, there is no ending clip, as the original file was too big to be uploaded. I will end Episode 23 with the clip that I wanted to use this week.


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*GTA Contest reminder

*What We’ve been Playing

*Madden ’08 review


Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Release date is October 24th, 2007:
**Check out the new HD Videos out on Gametrailers, WOW!

-Calling All Cars coming to the PSP:

-Only 0.2% Of PS3’s are faulty according to Sony:

-UT3 on PS3 may come with more maps than the other versions because of the storage capabilities of Blu-Ray:
Cross-Platform Play between PC ans PS3 confirmed

-CoD4 defintely runs at 60FPS with full AA on PS3, contrary to rumors:

-PS3 Stress Test results:

-Warhawk Official FAQ

-Is Sony answering Live’s Gamertag’s?

-*RUMOR* Updated list of Firmware 2.0 Features:

*Blu-Ray New Releases for August 21st:
Immortal Beloved
The Lives of Others
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder
Perfect Stranger

*New on The PSN Store this week:
-Heavenly Sword – Animated Prologue: Legend of the Sword (part 2 of 5)
-Heavenly Sword – Making of… (part 2)

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