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Episode 28 – Stupid Mac [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] Episode 28: What We're Playing Review of High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition Emails and Voicemails News: Kojima Productions: Dual Shock 3 Rumble "feels better" than Dual Shock 2: [url][/url] 300,000 Japanese PSP-2000 Units moved in 3 days: [url][/url] Activision Buys Bizarre Creations: [url][/url] FCC Reveals [...]Read more

Episode 27 – LocoRocoCocoPuffs [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] What we've been playing E-mails Review: Stuntman: Ignition News TGS Blowout: Rumble! [url][/url] New PSP remote play features: [url][/url] HOME delayed until Spring 2008: [url][/url] New Afrika trailer...still have no idea what the **** this is. New game in the flOw series: flOwer: [url][/url] New trailers for MGS4, [...]Read more

Episode 26 – It Is Heavenly [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at: [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] *What we're playing *Listener emails *Voicemail *Review: Heavenly Sword *Review: PSP-Slim *News: Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Demo to hit on October 4th PSP Firmware 3.71 and PS3 Firmware 1.93 Released: [url][/url] [url][/url] MGS4 Playable at TGS: [url][/url] Orange Box PS3 Delay not because of difficulties [...]Read more

Episode 25 – The Great Debate [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] What we're playing Listener Emails and a Voicemail Ratchet and Clank Contest Reviews: Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Lair News: *Dave Karraker leaves Sony [url][/url] *Firmware 1.92 details: [url][/url] *Sony launches Backward Compatibility search site: [url][/url] *Motorstorm Patch Details: [url][/url] *Stranglehold for PS3 pushed to September [...]Read more

Episode 24 – Sleepytime Torgo [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] (Sorry for the lateness, I've been out of town- Torgo) What we've been playing GTA Contest Results E-mails Review: Warhawk News: PS3 LocoRoco: Sept 21st. [url][/url] GT5 prologue for Download and Blu-Ray by the end of the year. [url][/url] PSP version of Folklore: [url][/url] 60 GB consoles almost [...]Read more