Episode 26 – It Is Heavenly

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*What we’re playing

*Listener emails

*Review: Heavenly Sword
*Review: PSP-Slim

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Demo to hit on October 4th

PSP Firmware 3.71 and PS3 Firmware 1.93 Released:

MGS4 Playable at TGS:

Orange Box PS3 Delay not because of difficulties with the hardware:

Sony sends out a Lair Reviewers Guide:

Beautiful Katamari coming for Wii and PS3:

NHL 08 Framerate issues, thanks EA:

Bandai Namco site lists Eternal Sonata for PS3, confirmed by Famitsu:

Uncharted gets a release date, November 20th:

Logitech announces new PS3 accessories:

No Blu-Ray Review

*New on the PSN:
New downloadable games:
• PixelJunk Racers ($6.99) – A single and multi-player slot car racing game, with 32 modes, 10 tracks and online rankings.
• High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition ($9.99) Ante up! Play limit or no-limit poker in five different game types. There’s single player mode or you can play up to five others online.

Demos, demos and more demos:
• PixelJunk Racers
• Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground
• NHL 08
• Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
• FIFA 08

Movie trailers and videos and wallpapers for your favorite new and upcoming games:
• Everyday Shooter trailer
• Warhawk trailer
• Lair Behind the Scenes video
• Feel the Noise trailer
• Juiced 2 trailer
• High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition trailer
• Soul Calibur IV trailer
• High Stakes: Poker wallpaper
• 2 PixelJunk Racer wallpapers
• Folklore wallpaper
And finally, we also have a free music track from our favorite dragon game, Lair.

*New on Blu-Ray:
Jailhouse Rock
Viva Las Vegas
House of 1000 Corpses
We Are Marshall
Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut
The Condemned
A Few Good Men
Smallville: The Complete Sixth Season
Troy: Director’s Cut

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