Episode 32 – No Trained Monkeys

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Special Guest host Phil Kollar, along with Glenn and Jarrod


#Hands-on GT5 Prologue Demo
#Thoughts on Heavenly Sword

#What we’ve been playing

#Interview with David Jaffe!!!

*”Top Gear” available through GT-TV in Gran Turismo 5

*Ratchet and Clank Glitch and workaround:

*Stranglehold for the PS3 is GOLD! Ships October 29th: (Also Gold, Uncharted)

*Shivering Isles Oblivion expansion to hit the PS3:

*Uncharted demo coming in mid-November

*Motorstorm 3.0 Patch coming soon

#New on the PSN Store:

* EyeCreate PlayStation Eye application(free)
* Spyro the Dragon PS1 game for PS3/PSP ($5.99)
* Piyotama Halloween skin add-on (free)
* Ninja Gaiden Sigma “Rachel Master” add-on ($2.99)
* Bionic Commando trailer (free)
* Time Crisis 4 trailer (free)
* The Water Horse movie trailer (free)
* P.S . I Love You movie trailer (free)
* AC/DC Live at Donington Blu-Ray trailer (free)
* Reign over me Blu-Ray trailer (free)
* Eye of Judgment wallpapers (free)
* Spider Man 3 Goblin add-on has had its price cut to $2.99

#PS3 New Releases:
Guitar Hero 3
Cars: Mater-National
The Simpsons Game

#Blu-Ray New Releases:

* HDScape: Antarctica Dreaming (DVD International)
* HDScape: Blu-ray Sampler (DVD International)
* HDScape: Exotic Saltwater Aquarium (DVD International)
* HDScape: Fireplace – Visions of Tranquility (DVD International)
* HDScape: HDWindow – Hawaii (DVD International)
* HDScape: HDWindow – The Great Southwest (DVD International)
* HDScape: Serenity – Southern Seas (DVD International)
* HDScape: Stargaze II (DVD International)
* HDScape: Visions of the Sea (DVD International)
* License to Wed (Warner)
* The Polar Express (Warner)
* Spider-Man 3 (Sony)
* Spider-Man: The High-Definition Trilogy (Sony)

Written by PS Nation Admin

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