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Episode 37 – Back to Basics [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] Emails Review: Medal Of Honor Airborne What We're Playing News: PC Playstation store: [url][/url] HL Orange Box on PS3 broken?: [url][/url] Rock Band issues?: [url][/url] Deus Ex 3, Silent Hill 5 details, and new details on PS3 Lost Planet: [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] This week in the Playstation Store: [...]Read more

Episode 36 – Straight Man and the Loudmouth [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] #Review of Uncharted #What They're Playing #News: Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 is GOLD: [url][/url] PS3 Version of the Orange Box suffers from technical issues: [url][/url] Firmware 2.01 released: [url][/url] Sony Cuts the cost of PS3 Dev Kits in Half: [url][/url] Ubisoft News, Haze and Splinter Cell Conviction [...]Read more

Episode 35 – An Old Friend Sorry for the lateness all around. We worked for 2 days trying to fix my audio track. Also, I was at the Packers game on Sunday, and I was pretty exhausted when I posted the show, so I waited until Monday morning to post the show notes. So, here they are. ps- It was [...]Read more

Episode 34 – Duty Calls

[URL=""]Child's Play Charity Auction[/URL] [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] E-mails/Voicemails Hands On Impression: Uncharted: Drake's fortune Demo Review: Eye Of Judgment Listener Review of Gundam Review: Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare What we've been playing News: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune demo is region-locked for North America ony [url][/url] 2.0!2.0!2.0!!!!!: [url][/url] Sony Announces Holiday [...]Read more

Episode 33 – Tequila Time [URL=""]RSS Feed[/URL] Email us at [URL="mailto:[email protected]"][email protected][/URL] E-mails and Voicemails Review: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Review: Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock Review: Stranglehold Collectors Edition What we've been playing #News: Some Gran Turismo 5 Online Features revealed: [url][/url] 40GB PS3 uses 65nm chips [url][/url] Singstar Delayed in the US because of [...]Read more