Episode 45 – Exploding Mine Carts

Don’t forget to get cracking on a PS3 theme for our contest. The winner receives a SIGNED (by Eat Sleep Play) copy of Twisted Metal: Head-on for the PS2

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#What we’ve been playing

#Interview with Richard Lemarchand, Lead Game Designer for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune


Best Buy Discontinuing 80GB PS3’s?

GTA IV Date set, delay is blamed on PS3: April 29, 2008

*RUMOR* White 40GB PS3 hitting US Stores “Any day now”

Frontlines: Fuel of War officially canceled for PS3:

Haze Delayed AGAIN:

Hot Shots Golf 5: Out of Bounds is announced, coming in March ’08:

#New on the PSN Store:

* Devil May Cry 4 demo (free)
* The Club demo (free)
* PixelJunk Monsters PSN game ($7.99)
* Jet Moto 2 PS1 game ($5.99)
* Folklore “Create A Creature winner” add-on (free)
* Stranglehold map-pack add-on ($14.99)
* Stranglehold: Collector’s Edition map-pack add-on ($14.99)
* Rock Band “Oasis” song pack ($5.49)
o Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back In Anger” ($1.99)
o Oasis’ “Live Forever” ($1.99)
o Oasis’ “Wonderwall” ($1.99)
* Need For Speed ProStreet “Premium Car Bundle 1” add-on pack ($5.99)
* Need For Speed ProStreet “Premium Car Bundle 2” add-on pack ($5.99)
* Tony Hawk’s Proving Grounds “Stevie Williams Skater Profile” video (free)

#New Releases
PSP- Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice

#Blu Ray New Releases:
Daddy Day Camp
Damages: The Complete First Season
Dispatch: Zimbabwe- Live at Madison Square  Garden
Justin Timberlake: Live at Madison Square Garden
The Invasion
King of California
Monty Python’s Life of Brian

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