Welcome to the PS Nation Blog!

Greetings, Listeners!

Welcome to our latest experiment; the PS Nation Blog!

We decided we wanted a one-stop shop to post our show, reviews, interviews and of course, a Liveblog from E3. This is also what we’ve been hinting at for listener reviews. Since we can’t read/play them all on the show, we’ll be posting them here as well. If you’ve sent us one in the past, it will eventually show up here (once we start populating the site). Everything is a major work-in-progress right now, so please bear with us. We’ll have liveblogs and twitter feeds going for E3 and hope to really start getting things posted after we get back. We won’t be updating multiple times a day like say… our pals at PS3Fanboy, but we’ll try to do something every few days or so. Don’t worry, the forums will remain right where they are at VGEVO.com and can be easily reached by clicking the button above. So give us some time to get settled, keep checking back and let us know what you think.

– Glenn & Mark

p.s. – HUGE thanks to Henry for putting this together and getting it ready to go in such a short amount of time. You rock!

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Written by Mark Senger

Glenn’s second co-host on the podcast , Mark graced the airwaves from late 2007 to early 2010.

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