E3 09 – ‘Gravity Crash’ for PSN

‘Gravity Crash’ from Just Add Water and SCEE is a dream come true for older and retro gamers (like me!)
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The game that up until last week was only known as ‘Project V’ was finally unveiled initially in the “Sizzle Video” at the Sony Press conference for E3 2009. Using Vector Graphics like retro arcade titles like Asteroids and Battlezone, and gameplay elements from games like Gravitar and Choplifter, but also spicing things up with incredibly clean visuals and an insanely cool style all its own, this game is sure to be a winner.

Not only do you get a fun single-player experience, Gravity Crash also includes 4-player, Split-Screen multiplayer. If you finish all of the levels included with the game, they’ve also included an incredibly intuitive Level Editor.

All-in-all, this unique game is shaping-up VERY well. We’ll have more coverage soon!

**Note** The video doesn’t show how “clean” and vivid that the graphics really look. I am trying to get some direct feed video and/or screenshots very soon.

Written by Glenn Percival

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