E3 09 – Interview for Batman: Arkham Asylum

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Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

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  • Great interview guys. I'm really looking forward for the games now.

    BTW is that a Singstar mic lol?

  • Very good interview guys. Really glad to see that the game seems to be shaping up to be very good, and I'm just glad the delay for extra didn't push it right into the fall madness

  • Oh no you didn't just use a Singstar mic… LMFAO so when Queen comes out in America are you guys going to have wireless mics at that point?

  • nice interview, When you said ps3 yo!…I was like no he didnt

  • MD

    Torgo : “I want this game” xD nice way to finish the interview 😛

  • I'm not a Batman fan but even I could tell you misspelled Arkham Asylum

  • Yeah, sorry about the typo, no sleep.

    Yes, it's a Singstar Mic. Why spend money on a new mic when it works REALLY well??

  • Meteor_Freak

    I was thinking the samething… lol is that a singstar mic. Hey why not, did anyone comment on that? I would have given you shit… lol

    good job on the interview, much better than the G4 interviews.

  • zippypatrick

    Brilliant interview, a lot of professionals kinda freeze up when they're put face-to-face with people in the industry, you were totally calm and composed dude =]

    Great stuff, can't wait for this game. I'm totally gonna pick it up, as it'll give me something to do in the week prior to me going back to college for the new term!

  • Bohatahyah

    is that a singstar mic? ha

  • Bohatahyah

    is that a singstar mic? ha

  • Bohatahyah

    is that a singstar mic? ha