Scrub Sport SF4 Ladies League

Scrub Sport for the Ladies

Scrub Sport for the Ladies

Does your girlfriend, wife, sister or mom lament over the amount of time you’ve spent playing Street Fighter 4? Well, now it’s time for them to get in on the action! You’ve undoubtedly heard us talk about Scrub Sport, the online Street Fighter League put on by our friends at Welcome to the Goo and Interactive Distractions. They’ve decided to let the ladies fight it out in a Girls-Only PS3 SF4 League. Sign-ups are open until June 28th and competition starts the following week. All the details and the sign-up can be found RIGHT HERE. It’s a friendly league open to ladies of any skill level, so tell’em not to be shy.

And if you’re a dude looking for some friendly man-on-man SF4 action, check out the Scrub Sport site. The current PS3 and 360 SF4 leagues are closed and in-progress, but watch out for the next leagues to start up when those finish. You can always still find other SF4 fans looking for some fights. And don’t forget King of Fighters XII and BlazBlue are just around the corner! Post in the interest threads if you’d like to get in on those.

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Written by Mark Senger

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