Give Us Some Feedback!


There comes a time in every podcaster’s life where they have to ask themselves… Are we really as awesome as we think we are?

That’s where all of you come in! This show would be nothing without the listeners and you’re only going to listen as long as you’re enjoying it. So let us know how we’re doing. Is there anything you’d like changed, added or removed from the show? Some sort of new segment you’d like to see? Give us suggestions!

We’d really like some constructive feedback so if there’s something you don’t like, let us know why you don’t like it. Don’t be shy, nobody is going to get offended. Also, please be realistic and make it something that we can control. “Get more interviews” isn’t applicable since we’re always trying to do that, but we can only get who agrees to come on. “Get off your ass and pick an iTunes logo” would definitely be a better example. (Before the end of the month, I promise*)!

The Feedback Thread is also up on, but feel free to post here instead if you don’t want to register.

Thanks, guys!

*PS Nation promises only valid in the continental United States, except Ohio and Utah.

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Written by Mark Senger

Glenn’s second co-host on the podcast , Mark graced the airwaves from late 2007 to early 2010.

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  • ooberallen

    I think you guys are doing just fine, I've been through many gaming podcasts in the past year or so and out of everything I've listened to you guys and GT's invisible walls are the only ones I bother with each week.

    I feel that the length of your show is fine, some may complain that its long but the amount of content in each episode is often equal to 2 – 3 weeks of content in some of the other shows I've stopped listening to. So keep up the great work. I know many others and my self feel that you guys are doing a great job, dare I say, a better job than some of the other podcasts where the hosts are actually getting paid.

  • madeup6

    You are very entertaining to listen and I enjoy it. You know what you're talking about too. I have listened to many other podcasts before and now I find that yours is the only one that listen to anymore. The length is a little much so I listen to it in steps (I cant sit there for 2-3 hours at a time). The e3 episodes were great and pretty much unbiased. Keep up the good work.

  • Tirminyl

    I am going to post here because surprisingly your blog isn't blocked at work and I don't want to forget. So instead of creating new software builds I will be posting my thoughts on your podcast because you're that important.

    As far as your podcast, I really have no complaints. The length of your podcast doesn't bother me because it is always so entertaining that I actually find myself wanting more once it is over. You have changed the format overtime which have worked out for the better. I enjoy the comedy bits added to the end of the podcast, it's like getting a trophy for listening for the whole 2hrs.

    I also enjoy your reviews and LIKE the inclusion of user reviews whether they are written or recorded. I understand not being able to play every single game released. I also enjoy the variety of opinions.

    Interviews are great. The one that stands out most to me is the Pain interview. I think the episode was titled something about Michael Jackson…eh, I am going to have to search for it because I remember it being hilarious. I know you guys are working hard to get interviews and I am glad to see the podcast grow to the point where you are receiving recognition and things of that nature.

    So where is the feedback? Well, I would complain that you need a website but I can now mark that off the list. It is great that you now have a destination to go. For me it helps since I uh, surf the net at work and VGEvo is blocked and I don't get to visit it often at home 🙁 I liked the idea of contributors to the site. I would like to be one 😀 So more content on the site, which is hard to do when you have full time job plus other activities so feel free to outsource some work to me…ok I will stop.

    Try doing a feature topic for the week leading up to the podcast? Maybe this can kind of eliminate duplicate emails for topics covered the week prior, or things of that nature. It will help to give focus on a specific area for that week?

    Outside of that I can't think of anything else. Adding more content to the blog (you've already increased the output of that), solid podcast release schedule, good podcast format, possible feature of a weekly topic, good mix of reviews, good amount of interviews, good drink suggestions. I think you guys are on top of things!

  • Skynetonline

    I think this is the best podcast i ever heard!! Dont change anything!!!!! My opinion, bring out more podcast a week!!

  • Bohatahyah

    Hey guys, my suggestion is almost completely irrelevant (did i spell that right?) but i think it would be great to see or hear some more production value with some cool sound FX, not that the ass point, trophy and francoir sound clips arent awsome but, I hate to compare you guys to anyone because there is no competition, some podcasts like Sarcastic Gamer, who I think gave a shout out to you guys last podcast, have much more enhanced sound accoutraments, if that makes sense. wow i just realised how long that last sentence was, 6 commars. ha

  • perestroika

    the show needs martin! more martin!

  • Yeah, Sarcastic Gamer is edited by Dave, who works at a Radio Station. He has a LOT more experience and a LOT more resources unfortunately.

  • bklynshaft

    You are both funny and entertaining and I wouldn't change anything you are doing. I started listening to you when I picked up my PS3 four months ago and I haven't missed an episode.

    Being an older gamer (34) I'd love some more retro gaming discussion if you can fit it in. I know it is PS Nation but if you can find room for the Wii, you might be able to squeeze in some discussion of some old school classics. Just a thought from a gaming old fart!

  • madeup6


  • OmegaSupreme

    It's great but no podcast should be more than one hour long.

  • Mark_PSNation

    Great stuff guys! Keep it coming!
    I kinda like the SFX idea, as long as we don't go overboard…

  • Toschi2222

    Yeah, hi there. I am living in Germany, so my English isn't that great, but I reeeeeally enjoy your show. My only complaint would be the sometimes poor quality of the user voice emails/reviews, but, well… can't change that I guess, but other than that they do a fine job. The lenght of the show is perfect for the morning rides to university and back home which take somewhat one and a half hours. And please don't overdo the sfx idea, the trophie sound is enough music for me (TROPHIES YOO! :P) The most important aspect why I like your show so much is because you are fanboys of GAMES and not just the PS3. I don't care if you are talking about the Wii or the Xbox (or Sega Oo) as long as it is about great games, so stay real. And the “not doing your job” part sounds dumb. You can't expect to let two drunken guys review all games without any help :P.
    Well anywho, Keep up the good work and -Auf Widersehen!-

  • ArcaneAltair

    I honestly can't think of anything that would make the show any better than it already is.

    Please keep up the great work, You're doing an awesome job guys.

  • I love you guys! Everything is great! Glenn just needs to consume more Torgo's Delight before the recording, and you need more of Chuck's mom!

  • EVERYONE Needs more Torgo's Delight!!!!!!

  • EVERYONE Needs more Torgo's Delight!!!!!!

  • ArcaneAltair

    I honestly can't think of anything that would make the show any better than it already is.

    Please keep up the great work, You're doing an awesome job guys.

  • I love you guys! Everything is great! Glenn just needs to consume more Torgo's Delight before the recording, and you need more of Chuck's mom!

  • EVERYONE Needs more Torgo's Delight!!!!!!