Give Us Some Feedback!


There comes a time in every podcaster’s life where they have to ask themselves… Are we really as awesome as we think we are?

That’s where all of you come in! This show would be nothing without the listeners and you’re only going to listen as long as you’re enjoying it. So let us know how we’re doing. Is there anything you’d like changed, added or removed from the show? Some sort of new segment you’d like to see? Give us suggestions!

We’d really like some constructive feedback so if there’s something you don’t like, let us know why you don’t like it. Don’t be shy, nobody is going to get offended. Also, please be realistic and make it something that we can control. “Get more interviews” isn’t applicable since we’re always trying to do that, but we can only get who agrees to come on. “Get off your ass and pick an iTunes logo” would definitely be a better example. (Before the end of the month, I promise*)!

The Feedback Thread is also up on, but feel free to post here instead if you don’t want to register.

Thanks, guys!

*PS Nation promises only valid in the continental United States, except Ohio and Utah.

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Written by Mark Senger

Glenn’s second co-host on the podcast , Mark graced the airwaves from late 2007 to early 2010.

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