MotorStorm®Pacific Rift Update (Version 1.03) Out Now!

What’s in the update? Find out after the link:

The update contains improvements and amendments to the game, and fixes for several issues reported by players on the MotorStorm forum.

> Microbadges – Secret Microbadges unlocked.
The hidden Microbadges are no longer a mystery: check them out from the Microbadges screen in your Garage.

> PlayStation Home – ‘Game Launching’ now available.
Online races can be launched from PlayStation Home.

> Audio Settings – Preference order is now DTS followed by AC3.
DTS audio settings are automatically configured if available.

> Audio Settings – Vehicle horn volume control added.
Volume of vehicle horns can now be adjusted using a dedicated sliding scale.

> Garage – Competition Winners Gallery added.
A Gallery for photo competition winners can be viewed from your Garage.

> Speed Events – Gate visibility improved.
Not only are the next two gates now visible (instead of only the next one), the colour of the flares at each gate have changed to make the Speed Events a little easier: orange smoke on the left and yellow smoke on the right.

> Speed Events – Gate ‘passed’ issue fixed.
When playing in standard definition, the issue with some gates not registering as ‘passed’ has been fixed.

> Split-screen – 4-player Split-screen lock-up fixed.
A potential lock-up situation, occasionally caused by leaving a 4-player split-screen race, has been fixed.

> Online Racing – “Never-ending (zero lap) races” fixed.
Races will no longer begin with (and remain infinitely at) zero laps; a problem which affected various online races since Update 1.02.

> Online Racing – All 12 positions displayed in race results.
Since Update 1.02, only the top 8 positions were displayed at the end of a race. This is fixed and all 12 results are displayed at the end of the race.

> Online Rankings – Rank cap increased.
In order to alleviate the congestion at the top of the Leaderboard the rank cap has been increased.

> Online Leaderboards – Player’s stats added.
You can now view any player’s stats from any of the Leaderboards in the game, and compare them with your own.

> Online Matchmaking – “Searching for Matchmaking” screen fixed.
The “Searching for Matchmaking” message no longer overlaps, as it did in certain languages.

> Soundtrack – Track previews added.
Highlighting a track on the playlist (from the Soundtrack screen in the Options menu) will play the track.

> Soundtrack – Track details added to Pause Screen.
The artist and song title of the track being played are displayed on the Pause Screen.

If you have any feedback on Update 1.03, on the upcoming Expansions or on MotorStorm Pacific Rift in general, or you’d like to discuss the game with other MotorStormers, visit the MotorStorm forums and have your say!

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