Pro Baseball Spirits 6 hitting Japanese PS2’s and PS3’s on the 16th

Teaser Video:

This has been one of my favorite series of Baseball games for quite a while, and judging from this video, they’ve made it even better. Hit the Link!

The Pro Yakyu series has been around for quite a while in Japan. Konami has been behind this series, and also what we know as the Power Pros series as well. The jump in quality and features in PSB from 4 to 5 was huge, and it looks like they’ve done the same thing again this year, especially with the inclusion of the World Baseball Classic, which is something that Baseball fans always ask for in American Baseball titles. (Personally, I’m really not interested in the WBC, but it does seem important to a lot of people.)

Controls in this series are a bit different than what we Americans are used to, but it’s very easy to acclimate to. The visuals are stunning in these games, and the attention to detail can sometimes make your jaw drop. In PSB5, the team studied every stadium and replicated the actual lighting in each one, and it shows. They’ve always done an incredible job with the Stadiums as an “environment,” and give you that feeling that you are actually at the game.

Check out the trailer below and I think you’ll see what I’m talking about. As soon as I can can afford it, I will be getting this game, and I will be talking about it on our show.

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