Patch 1.01 for King of Fighters XII Released (PS3)

Details after the link…

– You can press Square now to invite a friend. (!)
– People you have fought appear in PLAYER MET now. (!)
– Menus are faster. (?)
– FRIENDS MATCH appears now in the Online section (no need to go through XMB method, but is still there PS3 ver that is)
– Installation is not OPTIONAL ANYMORE, the Patch technically is the Installation of the game, try to install the game and it will prop you that it’s not necessary to install since the patch has the installation in it, that is the reason it’s 772 mbs. (!)
– Netcode is BETTER, yet NOT PERFECT, we aren’t sure if the dedicated servers are up already or not, so we will have to wait till then to know if the patch fix the lag with the dedicated servers.

Changelog Link

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