Recap of Sony’s Gamescom Press Event


Ladies and Gentlemen, The new PS3 “Slim”!!
Details after the link…

Well, we didn’t get any video streams, but here’s a quick rundown of the info that we could pull from the 3 Live Blogs that we were following.

– Video on Demand coming for EU in November 2009
– Firmware 3.0 Features announced (Details Here)
– ‘Minis’ announced, smaller DLC games for PSP with a size limit of 100MB. Tetris announced as a launch title (15 games total, 50 by the end of 2009)
– New Digital Reader for PSP brings Marvel Digital Comics to the platform
– GT PSP FREE to those that register their PSP Go from the 1st to the 10th of October (Only in EU)
– Eyepet will be bundled with the PS Eye for 49.99 Euros
– Eye of Judgment PSP will use digital cards, so no camera is needed
– Last 2 main characters in Heavy Rain announced. Scott Shelby and Ethan. They talked a LOT about the intense emotions being evoked in the game
– Gran Turismo 5 damage modeling confirmed, video up on Gamersyde here
– PS3 “Slim” will be available the 1st week of September for $299
– 120GB Hard Drive
– 32% smaller, 36% lighter, 34% less power consumption
– 2 USB Ports, WiFi still included (Nothing’s been “stripped-away” as many speculated)
– “Install Other OS” option has been Dropped
– The hard drive is still just as easily replaced as on the older units
– SCEA’s John Kollar has stated that “PS2 Backward Compatibility is off the table”
– For those that want to keep their PS3 vertical, Sony will offer a stand for $24
– Look for a 250GB Model to hit eventually (They submitted it for FCC Approval)
– Price of existing 80GB models drops to $299 TODAY


Now with VIDEO!

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