A Bunch ‘o Gravity Crash Announcements

One of my most anticipated titles for 2009 just got a whole lot cooler. With a unique retro look and feel, Gravity Crash is poised to bring memories back for many a’ gamer later this year. This week brought a couple of announcements make my anticipation even greater. Check the details out after the link.

The crew at Just at Water is hard at work on this modern vintage title, but they took the time at Gamescom to give us some more info a few days ago.

The first announcement was the reveal of the PSP version. The playable version on the show floor was a very early version, but rest assured that the goal is for the game to look as identical as possible to its PS3 big brother, including 60FPS. The only thing that seems to be missing on the PSP version is the lack of the level editor. With 40 worlds to play through though, it seems that you’ll have PLENTY of content to get through on your PSP.

Next is the reveal that the games soundtrack is being provided by none other than CoLD SToRAGE (http://www.coldstorage.org.uk/). Gamers will probably be familiar with his work, as he has provided music for games such as Wipeout, Colony Wars, and Wipeout Pure. Just Add Water has released a sample of the first track entitled “Andromeda.”
Check it out-

The PS3 version is expected to release in October of 2009 (subject to change.) We hope to get more info very soon, and when we do, it’ll be posted here ASAP. Check out the Media Gallery below to tide you over.

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