Crash Commando- Your Questions Answered!


The team at EPOS took time out of their busy schedule to answer YOUR questions about Crash Commando. Check out the interview after the link…

Just in time for today’s Update and DLC releases, all of these questions were submitted by our listeners, and the team over at EPOS were kind enough to answer.

From Biffstix:
“How did you come up with the concept for crash commando?”

The concept was born as we wanted to do something out of the ordinary in a multiplayer environment. We wanted to take the elements from a first person shooter and convert it into 2D.
We liked the controls in the good old jetpac game on the commodore Vic 20, So that must have been the beginning of our thought process, that later became Crash Commando 🙂

From Rothbart:
“While CC is a fun game, do you have anything planned to bring it back to the forefront for PS3 owners? The multiplayer gameplay is fast and fun, but it seems like the game is LARGELY overlooked. It should be a “go to” game for online multiplayer, especially for community gaming nights. Fat Princess, Warhawk, and SOCOM all have great followings where communities regularly meet up and play together. CC should have garnered a similar following, but hasn’t. Maybe some kick ass DLC or modes might bring that possibility around again, any plans?”

I think the game has a strong online community. There are always games to be found online and we still have a blast playing secretly against you guys. Having said that we certainly would like lots more players and we hope our new DLC and game modes will entice even more people into becoming Crash Commandoes’

From Zippypatrick:
“Are you planning to make more PSN games in the future?”

Yes, if we can come up with a really good concept that feels both new and cool and at the same time have the addictiveness of Crash Commando.

From pr0phet:
“Who came up with the kick ass taunts for crash commando?”

Hehe, funny question. I had full control over those and I wanted to do taunts that sounded both dumb, forceful but yet a bit on the irritable side. It’s actually my own voice you are hearing in the game, no actor needed 🙂

From Plankfan:
“Why did you decide to release Crash Commando exclusively on PSN? ”

We loved the PS3 from the second it was released and wanted to do something fun and special on this new platform.
We also thought that making the game exclusive would help us to concentrate on building “just one” game engine instead of two, which would have forced us to expand, which we didn’t want to do at the time.

From Hedges1001:
“Are there any plans for a PSP version?”

I just can’t imagine playing Crash Commando on such a small screen, without zooming in heavily on the player.
A side effect of this would be that the view distance would drastically decrease and you would not know if an enemy is close-by or not.

From ShinobiTheNinja:
“Are there any plans to bring the game to other consoles?”

Not at the moment, as all five of us are invested in both Crash Commando and new concepts.

From Nerv_001:
“My real question is, Are Swedish girls as hot as everyone says they are?”

Yes, they certainly are. I don’t know why, they just are 🙂

From SuperGayParade:
“Was the team at all inspired by the Finnish game Liero? It was a DOS favorite for me and was quite similar to Crash Commando.”

None of us have ever played it and the first time I myself heard of it was just before we were finishing Crash Commando.
I’m sure there are more games that would remind you of Crash Commando, as 2D platform shooters are not that rare.

From Nilloc33:
“Any possibility of adding splitscreen online?”

We’ve been through this and discussed it internally many times, but have yet to come up with a solid solution that would work for a game like Crash Commando.
This feature would also take a lot of development time to implement as there aren’t a “simple” way to render many screens at the same time without making compromises on both the frame rate and the feeling of the game.

From Jeremy LaMont:
“What factors led you to choose a loadout-based shooter versus a class-based shooter for CC? Is it easier to develop / to play?

We had classes earlier in the project’s design cycle ,but we felt that we wanted to make something that would be easy to pick up and play without forcing the player to make too many strategic choices.
Also, it is easier to balance a game without having to take classes in account.

“How will this decision affect future products?”

None, I believe … mostly because we have made games with classes before and we’re not afraid to go back to that if we feel like it 🙂

“Were you happy with the “loadout” choice, or will they be more like to explore a different paradigm in the future?””

We don’t know what the future holds for us, we just want to make fun, additive games that our players will love.

Our thanks to the team at EPOS for answering everyone’s questions, and for their continued support of this awesome game. Don’t forget to check out all of the DLC hitting the PSN today!

Written by Glenn Percival

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