Review: WET (PS3)


Title: Wet
Format: Blu-ray Disc
Release Date: September 15, 2009
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Artificial Mind and Movement
Original MSRP: $59.99
ESRB Rating: M
Wet is also available on Xbox 360.
The PlayStation 3 version was used for this review.

Wet is a representation of the Tarantino-style of a Grindhouse movie, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I am a HUGE fan of Quentin Tarantino’s films, and this style appeals to me quite a bit. The dialogue is cheesy, the language is salty, and the blood is all around.

The graphics are actually very well done in Wet, especially with the filter that’s applied to give it that grainy film look (the filter can be turned-off, but I don’t recommend it.) Textures are good for the most part, and the screen really sizzles with a lot of contrasting colors. The models are a bit more simple than some other PS3 titles, and the animation can be stiff at times, but the main character Rubi (played by the awesome Eliza Dushku) has obviously gotten most of the attention when it came to the animation. Levels are varied, with stages in urban environments, out in the desert, and of course, the car chase scene that’s pulled right from the 2nd Matrix movie (or 3rd, I lost interest after the 1st.) Again, the visuals are good, but not great in these scenes, but they get the job done.

First-off, the soundtrack is AWESOME!!! I wish they’d release it on iTunes as every single song is completely and totally ass-kickingly great to listen to, and totally fits-in with the style of this game. For the most part, the voice acting is good (with a couple of exceptions,) and the script is expectedly cheesy. It does sound like Eliza wasn’t too into doing her lines sometimes though, which is pretty disheartening. Also, many of her lines repeat a bit too much for my taste. Sound effects are well-done, and sound very good in surround. This is definitely a game that you can play loud if you have the opportunity and means.

The style of this game is what really sets it apart from the other 3rd-person action titles on the market. I love everything about how the package has come together in terms of visuals, dialogue, story, and over-the-top violence. This is, quite frankly, and Exploitation Film in a video game. Blood flies as much as the expletives, and when Rubi wants to gain some health back, she takes a huge gulp from a whiskey bottle, then throws it into the air and shoots it with her pistol.

I honestly do love everything that they’ve done in this game, except for the gameplay. I know it sounds odd, but the controls are the biggest issue here. The game is setup so that you need to chain moves and kills to get a much higher score, which will ultimately lead to your view changing as you hit kind-of an “Overdrive” mode. Unfortunately, to get any significant kills or even points, you ALWAYS have to either be diving, sliding, jumping, or wall-running (and chaining those moves together.) While you are in the middle of one of these moves, the obvious happens, you go into slo-mo and try to shoot as many baddies in the head. Now one nice thing did is that Rubi will automatically aim at one bad-guy while you are aiming at the other. What I don’t like about this mechanic though, is that you essentially HAVE to be doing one of those moves to have any kind of accuracy, or to even GET a kill. I know that a few people like this kind of gameplay, but I am definitely not one of those people. Also, just running doesn’t even feel right. I always felt as if I was fighting the controls while I was playing this game.

I really hope that a sequel was on the way that could address the control issues, but there’s no way that this game will sell enough to warrant a sequel. It’s definitely worth a rent if you’re into wild chaining and gratuitous action, but the control issues will definitely turn many people away.


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