Contest: Win Military Madness: Nectaris for PSN!

Win Military Madness: Nectaris for PSN courtesy of Hudson Entertainment

Win Military Madness: Nectaris for PSN courtesy of Hudson Entertainment

Longtime listeners will know that Glenn and I are big time Turbografx-16 fans, so what better game to give away than Hudson Entertainment’s remake of one of our favorite Turbo games; Military Madness: Nectaris!

Much like our previous contests, you’ll have to answer some trivia and we’ll pick a winner at random from those with the correct answers on next week’s podcast (episode 141).* Only difference is, I’m giving you more than one question and you’ll have to answer them all correctly. Can’t make it too easy now can we?

Question 1: In Military Madness: Nectaris, how many players can participate in online multiplayer?

Question 2: What is the “Air Attack Range” of the Hawkeye Unit in Military Madness: Nectaris?

Question 3: How many different PlayStation systems have games in the Military Madness series been released on?

Answers MUST be emailed to: [email protected] and MUST include the subject line “Military Madness Contest”.

These answers shouldn’t be too hard to find, I have faith in you guys. Check out the game’s official site in the meantime or hit the jump for some screenshots.

*Code redeemable on US PSN Store only!

Picture 4

Picture 3

Picture 2

Picture 1

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