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From: ZarraN

We had many good competitive shooters a few years back both on consoles and PC.

Most of the competitive shooters have leaved there competitive roots to something else and made the games boring. High pings on servers, unbalanced gameplay and no easy ways to get together with larger groups of friends, etc. I miss the old days on PC when everything worked.

Easy ways to find different communities servers and you were always enable to find some people you knew. Today you have matchmaking throwing you into random rooms with bad connections and people you don’t know and don’t want to talk to.

Most of the games are unbalanced because every game company need to add things for no reason to there games more weapons, more perks, more killstreaks and more of everything. Instead of increasing the quality of the game and making it better. It doesn’t need to be bigger and more badass than ever before!!!

#1 What do you think of competitive games leaving there roots?
#2 Why do you believe is so hard to implement easier ingame tools for communities to find each other?
#3 Why do every game need to add new gimmicks isn’t new content enough?



Today we have really fasts internet connections and modern modems/routers.
But most of the multiplayer games is still having really horrible pings, Modern Warfare 2 for example is having ping around 150. And the connection is pretty good if you compare to some other games on consoles. The ping should be lower than 50.

Modern Warfarre 2 ping bars converted to numbers
4 bars 0-100 ping
3 bars 101-200
2 bars 201-300
1 bar is 301+.

Multiplayer features:

Killzone 2 made a small step in right direction with clan support etc… Haven’t seen so many else even try.

What happened to the old games:

– Battlefield Bad Company was released on consoles only, without conquest or clan support and you weren’t even able to make private rooms.
– Call of Duty, Call of Duty 4 were almost the the game many were waiting for. The game still had random spawns and they added perks and killstreaks to the game. Many asked just them to delete claymores, frag x3, juggernaut and double tap and the killstreaks was well balanced expect from that you could bring over your killstreaks to next round. Instead of fixing it they released World at War which were basically the same shit in a different setting.
People still had there hope left for Modern Warfare 2 because Infinity Ward were making it but it got even worse. 14 different killstreaks to worry over, unbalanced perks and attachments, I haven’t even mention the secondary weapons. The multiplayer is just over the top unrealistic piece of shit and I could write at least 50 things what should be changed in the multiplayer. And they haven’t even added a new feature to the multiplayer menu from Call of Duty 4.
– Killzone 2 were released and had all kind cool features in the game like serverlist, really cool clan features, but the game weren’t balanced.
The turrets and air supports makes the game to something else than an shooting game. Because the turrets were added they needed to add rocket launchers and grenade launchers which people just used to kill each other instead of taking out the turrets.
The mines are used to get kills and protect your back instead of doing objectives. The mines should be replaced by C4 which could be used for taking out ammo crates or mounted machine guns. And you should need to activate them instead of them exploding automatically when you run into them.
The deployable spawn areas are a good idea but the enemy team should have the ability to disable them. Most of the time people just run into a room and drops the spawn grenade by the objective and start a complete kaos.

Written by Glenn Percival

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