3D Dot Game Heroes… IN ENGLISH!!


I know, I’m hyping it blah blah blah. Just remember one very important thing, I’m hyping an RPG! Anyway, this is seriously one of my most anticipated titles for 2010 on ANY platform. Developed by From Software (the geniuses behind Demons Souls) and brought to the US by Atlus (for $40!) Atlus was kind enough to release some new screenshots with English text, so here they are. Hit the link to see the gallery!

btw, LOVE the Ys reference!!! This game is essentially a clone and/or homage to the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past from the SNES (the best of the Zelda games in my opinion!) Check it out!

3ddotgameheroes_screens_16 3ddotgameheroes_screens_153ddotgameheroes_screens_173ddotgameheroes_screens_10
3ddotgameheroes_screens_14 3ddotgameheroes_screens_13 3ddotgameheroes_screens_12 3ddotgameheroes_screens_11
3ddotgameheroes_screens_09 3ddotgameheroes_screens_18

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