Our Adventure into Video!

So, I’ve been talking for a while about trying to capture gameplay videos for the site. Well, I finally got a rig that can handle what I’m throwing at it, and I’ve spent 3 days learning things like how to record, simple editing, and the most important, how to encode the videos in the best way to deliver them on the web. I’ve tried services like Youtube and Viddler, and even creating an .flv file locally and embedding it right here on our site. The benefit of doing it myself is that I control how much of the original video’s quality is retained during encoding, where you don’t really have that control on the other services. I’ll give you the examples below.

The first video is from our account on Viddler.com. It does look pretty good, but if you blow it up, the loss of quality becomes apparent.


This one is using an .FLV that I created before I uploaded it to Viddler, and for some reason, it didn’t retain widescreen (you may want to go fullscreen).

FLV to Viddler
So, that’s where we’re at so far. I hope to have some MLB 2k10 and MLB 10 The Show footage ready for the site soon after we get the games for review.

Written by Glenn Percival

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