Hands-off impressions of id Software’s “Rage”

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

I’ve never made it a secret that I am a total id Software fanboy. I own every game they’ve ever made, and I still play Quake 3 & 4 on a regular basis. My friends and I still talk about the tech demo that was “leaked” for the first Quake, which had no enemies, but allowed you to roam around a map and fire the Nailgun (the sound was SO COOL!) So to say that I am highly anticipating “Rage” is a huge understatement. We were ushered-in to a theater to view a 30-minute demo of the game running on a 360, and from the first moment that the world appeared on the screen, I was hooked.

The story, at least so far, is that a meteor struck the Earth, killing most of the population. You are a part of the “Ark Project,” and were hidden away before the meteor struck. The details after that were not revealed, and the demo started pretty far into the game. The first thing that caught my eye were the beautiful visuals. All of the terrain is “touched by an artist” instead of being created artificially by the engine. The animation is excellent and the visuals are insanely clean, with an amazing color palette. he was attacked by a few mutants, which is where we got our first glimpse of combat. Not only is it the typical FPS, but you also have a throwing weapon of sorts, which we saw our presenter use with great skill as it chopped the head off of one of his attackers. After the mutants were dispatched, he hopped into a dune-buggy type of vehicle and drove off into the canyons, this is where the car combat was demonstrated.

Car combat is quite well done so far, and very streamlined. I did seem to notice that it was closer to dog-fighting than anything else, with everyone trying to get on an opponent’s six. Parts fly in grand explosions, and mines can be dropped if an opponent keeps tailing you. This mechanic excites me quite a bit, as it will definitely break-up the monotony of a straight FPS.

He then arrived at a town, which acts as one of a couple of “hub towns” for different missions and events. There’s an Old-West feel with newer technology, and again, the visuals are very fitting. By the way, this entire demo ran at a silky-smooth framerate, and really showed-off what we can expect from “id-tech 5.” They showed a minigame to show one of the ways you can earn extra cash, but then it was straight to the caverns for an FPS mission. Some of the mechanics you’ve seen in other games before, including firing an electrified projectile into water to take multiple enemies out. But the subtle nuances don’t take long to emerge as any reaction by your enemies to being shot etc are all procedural. So if you shoot him in the leg, the leg flies back from the force and he’ll start limping, that sort of thing.

The release won’t be in 2010, but judging from what I’ve seen already, “Rage” has become one of my absolute most anticipated titles. Keep your eyes here for more info if it becomes available, as this one is definitely on my radar!

Written by Glenn Percival

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