Impressions of PlayStation Move – PAX 2010

I was fortunate enough to get some real time with PlayStation Move in some private sessions during PAX. Here’s a rundown of the games I played.

Killzone 3
I was able to go through the Single-Player demo that we’ve seen a few times, but using Move instead of a traditional DS3. The movements and gestures felt very natural, and the response was quite good. So, for example, to reload you simply twist your hand counter-clockwise, and to throw a grenade, instead of making some stupid throwing motion with the controller, you simply hold a button like normal, but you aim with the Move controller (the most intuitive use of Move for an FPS that I’ve seen so far.) Aiming itself was good overall, but I did find myself losing the cursor during fast-paced sections. The controls definitely worked, but honestly, I would never use them for a long period of time. I voiced that opinion to the producers, and they all said the exact same thing, that I am not the demographic for Move controls in Killzone 3. The focus of this control scheme is to entice players new to the FPS experience into trying it out, which was nice to hear from multiple people. A video will be posted in a day or two as well (although, the battery in my Move controller was essentially dead, so you’ll see some inconsistencies that did not happen later with a charged controller.)

Heroes on the Move
This was the first time that anyone got their hands on this title, and it was a blast to play. Basically, it’s a set of smaller games, each with a specific use for the Move controllers, The two that I tried involved throwing a spinning blade which I could control after the throw, and an interesting take on Bowling. The blade game has the player pick up blades throughout the level, which can ten be thrown and fully controlled as you try to take the enemies out, while trying to keep a streak alive for a better multiplier and to achieve higher scores. WIth the Bowling game, you again use the Move controller to try and take out as many enemies that are scattered all over the level and to achieve streaks etc. Both were quite fun, and the level designs and visuals are all top-notch. The target audience for this game is obviously the younger crowd, but I still had fun playing both.

Echochrome 2
One of the most interesting uses for the Move controller that I’ve seen. You use the controller as a flashlight, using the shadows of the objects on-screen to build a path to the goal for the puppet in the screen. It’s quite engaging, and also quite thought-provoking. I’d say that this one is definitely more approachable than the other Echochrome titles, and this game’s a must-have for any puzzle enthusiast.

The Fight: Lights Out
This is definitely a newer build than what was at E3, as the game is much more responsive now. The visuals are looking great, and if nothing else, you’ll definitely get a good workout! Personally, I doubt that I’d buy this for $40, but since it’s not done yet, I’ll reserve judgment.

The Shoot
I’ll admit it, I love “light-gun” games. The Shoot is one that I was mildly interested in, but now that I’ve had some solid hands-on, I’m really enjoying it. The premise is that you’re on a movie lot, so the 5 locales are all quite different. These locales include a Wild West theme, a futuristic Sci-Fi set, and a good old fashioned 50’s Mobster set. I got to use the new gun peripheral from Sony, which overall is quite good, but the trigger has so much play that it’s tough to play a game that requires constantly pulling the trigger. This is a game that I’ll definitely get for Move.

Heavy Rain
I’m still not convinced that this is something that interests me, but I’ll hold judgment until it’s released. To me, it just feels clunky and not very intuitive right now.

Sports Champions
This is definitely a must-have for anyone that grabs a Move controller. For me, the standouts are definitely Frisbee Golf, Archery, and Bocce Ball, which I played for almost an hour. The controls are dead-on, and all can be played without a navigation controller. I fell in love with Bocce Ball, and quite honestly, I wish I was playing that right now. My biggest complaint with Sports Champions, no online play!

There are definitely some other Move titles out there, but these are the only ones I saw at PAX. I’ll say though that I did find some compelling stuff with the Move titles. Am I “psyched” for Move? Welllll, the jury’s still out on that one.

Written by Glenn Percival

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