MAG Beta gameplay video using PlayStation Move

This is my FIRST attempt at using PlayStation Move controls in the new MAG Beta, so be nice!

Obviously, I’m trying to figure the controls out etc, but overall, they felt pretty good. This is using both the Move controller, and the Nav controller.

Leave a comment yo!

Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

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  • Anonymous

    Would you say its easier to aim and generally play with Move than with the DS3?

    I’m getting Move tomorrow and will need some games to play with it. And I have yet to pick up MAG, due mostly to nobody on my list plays it.

  • madeup6

    Aiming looks a lot easier and they integrated it nicely for being a Beta. It seems nice not having the aiming reticule in the direct middle all the time. Does it work better than Killzone 3?

  • That looks really hard. I don’t know if I’m sold on Move for FPS. Maybe if it worked more like a mouse on PC. The problem I noticed was turning look difficult having to move the cursor to the edge of the screen. The aim sight needs to be locked to the middle for it to be effective. I’m sure that is an issue because it would become nauseating watching the screen move all the time since the move controlled is more difficult to keep steady than a mouse. I am excited for Move in other genres of games. (Can we say RTS?) So far I just don’t think that Move works well in the FPS. Sony please prove me wrong.