Rock Band 3: How Big is Your Tracklist?

Rock Band 3, set to release on October 26, is the latest iteration in developer Harmonix’s flagship music game. Details about importing the tracklists of previous Rock Band games were recently released, via an IGN interview with Paul DeGooyer, of MTV Games, Rock Band 3’s publisher. In the interview DeGooyer confirmed that previously purchased setlist keys, like the one for $5 used to add Rock Band songs to Rock Band 2, will be compatible with Rock Band 3. In addition, he confirmed a similar key system will be used for importing Rock Band 2 ‘s setlist. He did not discuss a price for this key, though intimated that because of the larger setlist of Rock Band 2 the purchase will be “a little bit more expensive” than the previous key. It is not clear if the entire setlist from Rock Band 2 will be able to transfer to Rock Band 3, DeGooyer explained that they are still in discussions with the content holders.

Another concern addressed in the interview is whether the Rock Band and Rock Band 2 tracklists will ever be available as independent DLC. This is an issue because copies of the Rock Band 1 and 2 discs are serialized. This means that only copies of the game that haven’t been “unlocked” via downloadable keys will allow for track transfers into the new game. Thus, in the future if a player cannot find a new or “locked” copy of Rock Band or Rock Band 2 they would not have access to the tracklists of those games. DeGooyer tried to ease these concerns by noting, “It can actually get pretty complex, but we don’t want those songs to be lost.” The potential for a DLC pack containing the entire tracklists of Rock Band 1 and 2 is very exciting and would allow players just getting into the game with Rock Band 3, and future versions, a chance to experience the tunes that established the series.

More details were also revealed about the pricing structure for Pro Mode, Rock Band 3’s greatest innovation that can actually teach you the guitar parts for the songs in the game. DeGooyer noted that Pro Mode guitar would be an additional dollar per track on top of the standard track price of $1.99. Also, that not all tracks in Rock Band 3 would have a Pro Mode guitar part available.

Keyboard parts, another addition to Rock Band 3, will be added to some already available Rock Band tracks. Though adding keyboard to already available tracks will include a fee, the amount of which has not been disclosed.

With the Rock Band catalog edging close to 2,000 tracks and the various innovations of Rock Band 3 less than a month away there is no better time to dust off those plastic instruments and reconnect with your inner rock god.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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