Beyond Good & Evil Remake Coming to PSN in 2011

Beyond Good & Evil HD, a remake of the 2003 Playstation 2 cult classic, is getting 1080p visuals, revamped character models, revised textures, a re-mastered soundtrack and trophy support. The story follows Jade, an amateur photographer turned investigative reporter, who must try to unravel the cause of mysterious, planet-wide disappearances.

A presumed sequel is also in production, though it has never been announced as “Beyond Good & Evil 2,” only as the “Next Michael Ancel Project.” Ancel is the creator of Beyond Good & Evil and developer of the Rayman series.

The game will release on PSN in 2011, but no details about a specific date or price point have been announced.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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  • Anonymous

    Hey this is great news! (now I can go and finish this for the third time) Didn’t Ubi officially announce the sequel though? I remember seeing a pic of Jade and Pa’j out in the desert a year or so ago.

    • Anonymous

      There were screenshots released, but the game was never officially called “Beyond Good & Evil 2” only the “Next Michael Ancel Project.” I’m assuming this was done to leave the door open for Ancel to remake “Beyond Good & Evil” or reboot the entire franchise on the current generation consoles. However, both these scenarios seem less likely with this new announcement.