Tales from Space: About a Blob Announced as PSN Exclusive

Chris Harvey, CTO and designer at DrinkBox Studios, announced today, via the Playstation Blog, that Tales from Space: About a Blob will be coming exclusively to PSN.

About a Blob places you in the role of an extraterrestrial piece of slime that lands on Earth with a very healthy appetite. As the blob you can eat anything smaller than you. In a Katamari-like fashion, the more you eat, the larger you get and, in turn, the larger the objects you can eat. Your ultimate goal is to grow so large that you eventually eat the entire world.

The game includes simultaneous two-player co-op. Players can choose to work together, e.g., jumping on each other to reach high ledges, or compete against each other, e.g., pushing each other off ledges.

DrinkBox Studios is an independent company and is developing About a Blob as part of the SCEA Pub Fund Program, guaranteeing its exclusivity to the PSN. DrinkBox plans to release the game early next year, with DLC planned to follow shortly thereafter. Additional details will be released over the coming months and a development blog is available at www.aboutablob.com.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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