Killzone 3 Beta Starts October 25th

Are you a Playstation Plus member? If so, does that little yellow plus symbol next to your PSN ID make you feel superior to all of your friends whose IDs are not privileged enough to wear the yellow symbol of Playstation superiority status? Or do your friends make fun of you every time they ask “What do you have to show for your Plus membership,” and your only response is your copy of the Mini game Kahoots (that you received for free)?
Well, come October 25th the last laugh will be yours, Playstation Plus members, when your friends see your status as “Playing Killzone 3 beta,” and glow a putrid green with envy.
Starting October 19th, Plus members will be eligible to receive access to the Killzone 3 beta after accomplishing a simple task. On that Tuesday PSN will release a Plus exclusive XMB theme for Killzone 3. The first 10,000 Plus subscribers to download the theme will receive an email containing the access code for the beta. One thing to note is that the 10,000 subscribers will be divided into 5,000 SCEA and 5,000 SCEE subscribers, so if you live in the United States, you’ll have 5,000 others to beat to the punch, not 10,000. For the most part, Sony’s Tuesday updates don’t occur until the evening, so those of you who have day jobs take heart, you’ll still have a chance to get in on the beta, but it doesn’t hurt to have a PSP with remote play handy.

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