New Force Unleashed 2 Launch Trailer

The new Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 trailer offers further hints about the next chapter in the saga of Starkiller. Much of the trailer focuses on Starkiller’s origin, notably Vadar’s claim that the character players control in Force Unleashed 2 is a clone of the original Starkiller. The canon (or “good guy”) ending of the Force Unleashed had Starkiller dying at the hands of the Emperor, thus adding credence to Vadar’s assertion. Vadar goes on to tell Starkiller that the other clones went mad in a matter of months. Further suggestions of madness come from various dreamlike visions flashing across the screen including Starkiller murdering Juno Eclipse, his love interest from the first game, and Vadar stabbing him in the back with a lightsaber. However, the clone story is not airtight. One unidentified voice in the trailer concludes, “No one can clone Jedi.” Thus, Force Unleashed 2 looks to be a search for identity. Are you the original Starkiller somehow spared the ultimate consequences of the Emperor’s wrath? Or are you a clone on the verge of madness?

Old friends from the films and the first Force Unleashed return. The trailer highlights Vadar using Juno Eclipse, your love interest from the first game, as a pawn to harass Starkiller. In one scene, Vadar goes as far as to use his iconic force choke to suspend Juno in the air. Other cameos include Yoda, advising Starkiller to look inside himself to seek the answers he is searching for, and General Rahm Kota, Starkiller’s jedi master. Kota appears briefly at the beginning of the arena scene, popularized by the first Force Unleashed 2 trailer. The years have not been kind to Kota as he bears numerous additional facial scars and gray hair, but remarks that he knew Starkiller was alive.

You can unravel the mystery of Starkiller when Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 hits stores on October 26.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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