New God of War: Ghost of Sparta “Origins” trailer revealed

Ken Chan, SCEA’s Associate Product Manager, stopped by the Playstation Blog to reveal the latest God of War: Ghost of Sparta trailer. While the trailer is filled with the expected action-packed mayhem that God of Wars fans hope for and love, the trailer also delves into Kratos’ motivation for killing things in a violent manner within this particular game. And for once, it’s not revenge…at least not initially.

But the other surprise lies at the ending slate to the preview video, where it is revealed that specially-marked boxes of God of War: Ghost of Sparta will also include a voucher to unlock the Deimos Skin for the PS3 game, God of War 3. Deimos will play a large role in Ghost of Sparta as he is Kratos brother.

The Deimos skin isn’t only a cosmetic change in the playable character. Dawning the skin will give the player enhanced damage and also raise the amount of health, magic, and god orbs times four. If Kratos’ brother is so powerful, then why is Kratos the main character? I guess we’ll find out when the game is released next month. Until then, feast your eyes on this amazing new trailer.

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