New DC Universe Online Trailer Released

DC Universe Online fans anticipating the November release of the superhero massively multiplayer online action game were disappointed to learn that the game had been pushed back until Spring of 2011. The developers released a new sizzler trailer to hold the fans over and promised that the extra development time would be used to ensure that the game ran smoothly when released, by allowing more time for beta stress-testing and polish.

The trailer shows off a lot of gameplay elements as well as heroes and villains utilizing their special abilities against each other. Also of note is the recognizable DC characters fighting alongside (or against) what appears to be new (possibly player-created) characters.

It will be interesting to see how robust the character creation tool will be for this game. DC Universe Online is slated for release in Spring of 2011, which is still less time than it took for Superman to get to Earth after Krypton exploded.

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