New Trailer and Beta Info for LBP2

Sackpeople rejoice! While LittleBigPlanet 2 has been pushed back to 2011 new details have been announced about its feature set and beta.

Bounce Pads are the newest addition being shown off. Reminiscent of jump pads in the Quake series, this feature will send you sailing across a level. Or if you put enough of them together you can create a giant pinball machine, as demonstrated in the featurette, with up to four players literally bouncing off the walls. Think you can create a better version of Sonic Spinball starring Sackboy, now you have your chance.

LBP PSP owners don’t think you’ve been left out in the cold. In fact, it’s your fellow fans that are coming to add more content to your little world on the go. Below is a trailer showcasing the Kindred storyline. This set of story-based level is the brainchild of Creators over at LBPCentral. The Kindred team is: amazingflyingpoo, Arrestor/Maboe84, BlueBulletBill, CyberSora, Domick12, Fastbro, jeffcu28, Lleonard Pler/Lleonard, salieri/SalieriAAX, Spark15, Taffey/tsr13, VelcroJonze. If you like what you saw in the trailer be sure to check out other levels they have made to see what else these Sackboy enthusiasts can cook up.

The LBP2 beta will be entering its second phase next week. LBP contributors, DLC owners and Playstation Plus members should keep an eye on their email for a beta code. If you don’t happen to score one don’t fret additional phases of the beta are upcoming.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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