Free Dead Space Ignition with Dead Space 2 Pre-Order

While the January 25, 2011 release date for Dead Space 2 is still a few months off, EA and Visceral Games are giving you a reason to grab a pre-order early, free content in the form of Dead Space Ignition. Ignition follows a Choose Your Own Adventure-style story that connects Dead Space to Dead Space 2 and has up to four different endings. The game itself is a mix of full motion comic and three different mini-games. Completing Ignition will also net you a “Hacker” suit for Isaac in Dead Space 2.

You can pick up the game for $5 on PSN starting tomorrow, but if you pre-order from participating retailers they will give you a download voucher to grab the game for free. If you already have a pre-order the retailer should have a code waiting for you.

If you can’t get enough Necromorph action definitely check out Dead Space Ignition, it will keep you terrified until Dead Space 2 drops in the new year.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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