Aqua Panic! Coming to PSN Next Week

Eko Software announced today that its puzzle game Aqua Panic! will be coming to the PSN next week Tuesday, October 19th. The original PSP release, named Downstream Panic! in North America, was released in February 2008. In both games, players must attempt to return a number of fish raining down from the sky to the oceans. In their way are chunks of ground, aquatic predators and limited rockets. Oh yeah, you have rockets! They, and the other powerups you acquire, are used to blow up and modify the landscape to make new avenues for your fishy friends to find the sea. Also, don’t sit back and contemplate the puzzles too hard as more fish and water are constantly streaming down. The initial levels in the PSP game slowly eased you into the various play mechanics. However, by the time you reach the upper end of the 80 levels you are constantly busy, having to keep a number of metaphorical plates spinning, and failing, a lot. Downstream Panic! is no cake walk and I imagine that Aqua Panic!, its console big brother, will continue the trend of quirky and challenging puzzles.

Aqua Panic! will feature three game modes, adventure, free play and survival, and 15 different powerup tools to help you through its five environments. To take full advantage of the PS3 platform the game will include online scoreboards, 1080p HD graphics, trophies, and BGM support.

So if frantic puzzle solving is your game, then Aqua Panic! is a name to keep an eye out for after next week’s PSN Store update.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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