Invizimals Invade Our Shores

Starting today, PSP owners can put down their copy of Kingdom Hearts and start using their PSPs to do something that matters to the world: capturing monsters in your house.

Part Eye of Judgement, part Pokemon, and part Ghostbusters, Invizimals tasks players with finding monsters, utilizing the PSP camera attachment, within real-world environments.  Using the PSP as a scanning device, players will comb areas and respond to sound cues from their device to locate hidden monsters within their home, backyard, and other real locations.

Much like the game Eye of Judgement for PS3, Invizimals utilizes the abilities of the PSP camera to create augmented reality, whereas the screen will display your living room, for example, and composite a monster within the real environment.  The sensors within the camera also determine when you turn or look around and compensate, by keeping the monster in the same area it was initially positioned.  So if you see a monster on your table, and you turn the PSP away, the monster will retain its position upon your table when you look back to it.  It’s definitely an interesting thing to behold and made Eye of Judgement a great showpiece for the Playstation Eye.

To further involve players in the “reality” that they are indeed monster hunters, and that your PSP is a monster-tracking device, a story has been written around these features.

Invizimals tells the story of Keni, a scientist working for Playstation.  Keni makes an astonishing discovery.   According to his research, the PSP’s camera has the ability to see beyond the spectrum of the human eye, thus it allows for its users to detect creatures hiding in otherwise plain sight.  Hold on to your PSPs as their value might go up significantly if this proves to be true.

Catching the monsters brings up the comparison to Ghostbusters, as the players must lay down a physical trap (included with the game) on the ground  in order to lure the creatures into your collection.

On top of the augmented reality elements of the game, the story helps involve the player like never before.  You are your own main character.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.  After all, what is a monster-hunting game without the ability to battle your friends?  Invizimals includes a battle mode, both offline and online.  But don’t think for a moment that your involvement in the battle is limited to button presses and menu selections.   Invizimals takes the augmented reality even further by allowing you to blow into the camera sensor in order to cause a hurricane, shake the PSP to bring the power of an earthquake to the helpless monsters, or even cast a shadow over the light to bring the power of lightning down upon your enemies.

Sony is releasing the game as a standalone UMD, which includes the PSP camera.  But they will also release a PSP-3000 system which comes packed with the Invizimals game, the PSP camera, the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movie on UMD, as well as a 1GB Memory Stick.

Note: photos shown are for European Packaging

PSPgo owners take note.  The game will only work on PSP 1000-3000 systems.

Stay tuned to the PSNation Podcast for more info and some hands-on with the game.

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