Trine 2 to Focus on Co-Op Play

Get out your thinking caps because Trine 2 is on the horizon. While a release date and price point have yet to be announced a recent interview with Lauri Hyvärinen, CEO of Frozenbyte, the developer of Trine, has revealed a variety of new features slated for the sequel.

The feature set that Hyvärinen discussed most is co-op play. Nearly every type of co-op player should be satisfied as the game has local and online co-op, drop in/drop out co-op and the ability to switch from single player to co-op on the fly. Also new to the sequel, all three characters can be on the screen at the same time, further influencing how puzzles are solved. This has been taken into account for level design with numerous possible solutions to each puzzle.

Hyvärinen confirmed that no new characters would be introduced to the original roster of Knight, Thief and Wizard. However, she did note each of these characters would be getting additional abilities. The Wizard will now be able to throw levitated objects, the Thief can slow down time and the Knight has hammers to throw. Hyvärinen hinted at even further abilities, but would not elaborate.

For those who enjoyed the aesthetic aspects of Trine you will be pleased as well. The art design for the sequel includes a variety of small graphical touches, like vegetation swaying in the wind, which helps bring the game’s world to life. A few settings revealed in the interview were an ice castle, a cloud city, a giant house carved in a tree and a cave full of mushrooms. While these may sound a bit generic, if the Frozenbyte team is able to bring the same level of visual flair that they demonstrated in Trine I have no worries that they will create something worth exploring. Ari Pulkkinen, the composer of the music in Trine, will be back for the sequel as well, so audiophiles rejoice.

As for future games in the Trine series Hyvärinen noted that handhelds would be a perfect fit, but that Frozenbyte has no interest in porting Trine over to the PSP, given the devices limited processing power. However, this leaves the door open for a game on the PSP’s successor, the PSP2.

So if you are a puzzle fan that enjoys a little action in their cerebral games keep an eye out for Trine 2.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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