Zenonia Comes To PSP

Zenonia has been available on the iPhone for over a year now and still remains one of the better action RPGs on the phone.  Sharing a lot in common with the Zelda series, but also adding the RPG elements of leveling and skill trees,  Zenonia presented gamers with a genre that has been absent from their libraries for some time.
Now, PSP owners can enjoy the game on their system via the Playstation Store.  In addition to being playable on the PSP, the game is also playable on the PS3 (with transferable saves between both systems, to take your game progress on the go)
The game pits you in the role of Regret, a young warrior, paladin, or assassin (depending on your class choice) who is on a quest to solve the mystery of his father’s death.  With a name like Regret, I can’t imagine why our hero didn’t develop some kind of a complex.

Note: Some screenshots are from iPhone version of game.

Written by Rey Barrera

Rey Barrera

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