Crazy Taxi Comes To PSN

Without a doubt, one of the best experiences on the SEGA Dreamcast was Crazy Taxi.  Most of you are familiar with the game, but for those of you who started gaming recently, the gist of the game is quite simple: drive your taxi around town and get fares to their destination.  Sounds…well…dull.  But let’s consider a few elements to the game?  How about the notion that no cops exist in this city?   And let’s just say that you can drive as fast as your car will allow.   That parking garage stands between you and your fare’s destination.  How about you drive up the ramp and jump to the other side?

But you might be asking, “Well, won’t my fare mind that I am putting his or her life in danger.”  No… No they won’t.  You will actually get more money for scaring the pants off them.  Suddenly, Crazy Taxi sounds like something you might want to play (assuming you haven’t before).

If you fall into the category of folks who are thinking, “This game sounds fun, and I hope that Sega releases this game on PSN for a decent price.” then this news is just for you.

SEGA will be releasing the game to PSN on October 23rd for $9.99, complete with a 720p upgrade, as well as leaderboards and trophy support.  The game will include the Dreamcast game’s Arcade and Original Mode.

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