Disc-less PS3 Netflix Streaming Coming Next Week

I’ve been lazy before.  I own a PS3 and a 360, and I have Netflix activated on both.  I honestly prefer watching Netflix on my PS3 because I seem to experience less buffering on it, and it appears that quality changes occurs on the go instead of interrupting my movie anytime my connection gets better or worse.  It may well be my imagination, but it happens enough on my 360 that I lean towards the PS3 for my Netflix-viewing…But for one exception…That disc.  If I am feeling lazy, and that disc is sitting in the PS3 in the bedroom, I’ll be Netflixing on the 360 instead of walking myself to the other room and retrieving the disc in order to watch the Fraggle Rock cartoon.

Starting October 18th, we’ll be able to get rid of that disc once and for all.   Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that streaming from Netflix will be available on PS3 as a native application via the XMB.  The days of asking “where the Netflix disc went,” are numbered.

In addition to ease-of-access, Netflix on PS3 will also be upgraded with a new interface to make browsing and searching for titles easier.  Netflix users will also be able to view some movies in 1080p resolution, and certain movies will have the option for subtitles and alternate audio tracks.  Viewers will also experience a decrease in the time it takes to begin title playback.  And last, but certainly not least, the PS3 system will be the first consumer electronics device to support 5.1-channel surround on movies and TV shows streamed from Netflix

So, the time has come to invent creative ways to dispose of that disc.

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