NBA Jam: The Classic You Love And Then Some

NBA Jam is coming to the PS3 and it’s ON FIRE!!!! The game was originally announced as a bonus with NBA Elite 11, but is now a standalone title after Elite’s delay. Have no fear PlayStation faithful this game will not just be some warmed over Wii port. The PS3 version will be ablaze with all the modes from the Wii game, plus online play, Remix Games online and the ability to combine both online and couch co-op. And you will want to demonstrate your ballin’ skills online. NBA Jams comes with an Online Progression system where you earn and unlock Online Exclusive Rewards for gaining XP, leveling up and completing Online Jam Challenges. So that means you can unlock more secret players, teams and surprises.

So your favorite game of 2-on-2 roundball has undergone some changes since the last time you saw it. Now NBA Jam sports two campaign modes, Remix Games both online and off and boss battles. If you are hankering for the classic NBA Jam campaign, like Prego, it’s in there. However, if you want to try a campaign with some new flavor take a trip with the Remix Tour. The Remix Tour lets you choose your path, battle some of the game’s greats in boss battles, and sample some of the new game modes. However, if you don’t want to wade through a campaign and just want to check out the new modes that’s cool too. There’s Remix Games. These allow you and up to 3 of your buds to face off in Backboard Smash, Domination Free-for-All, Elimination and 21. It doesn’t matter if your friends are posted up next to you on the couch or chillin’ in Sheboygan, as both local and online co-op are included. While the Remix Games won’t be available when the game launches, they are coming in December as a free title update, just in time for your holiday, winner-takes-the-biggest-present Jam tournament.

So when NBA Jam hits on November 17th drop 50 duckets so you can score some buckets. Boomshakalaka!

Written by Justin Spielmann

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