New Voice Talent Announced For DC Universe Online

In an effort to make the DC Universe Online experience as genuine and familiar to fans as possible, SOE has hired some more familiar voice actors to lend their talents to the characters that players will fight against (or along side).  Joining the cast will be Will Wheaton, Corey Burton, Arleen Sorkin, and Dwight Shultz.

Will Wheaton will be familiar to Star Trek fans, as he played the role of Wesley Crusher in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television show.  Wheaton will be voicing Batman’s sidekick, Robin.

Dwight Shultz also starred in the Star Trek: The Next Generation (as well as some roles in Star Trek: Voyager) as Lieutenant Reginald Barclay.  But more importantly, Dwight Shultz was Mad Murdock in The A-Team.  Shultz will be voicing The Flash in the game.   Already the game has gone up a letter grade.

Reprising her role as the Joker’s insane girlfriend, Harley Quinn, will be Arleen Sorkin,  and I’m sure we can’t wait to here her amazing “Mista’ Jay!”.

On the Superman side of DCUO, Corey Burton (Otherwise known as the guardian of Cybertron, Shockwave), will be voicing the computer menace, Brainiac.

The four of these voice actors bring with them, not only years of experience in the field, but also experience working in the DC Universe.  They will no doubt bring players deeper into the DC experience, when the game ships early next year.

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