PlayStation Move Ships Over One Million Units in North and Latin America

It’s been compared to the Wiimote, and it’s been known to shoot fire from its glowing spherical tip, and some even claim that waving the Move controller in a certain ways can make someone fall in love with you.   But the single unknown fact regarding the PlayStation Move has been, “how well it is doing, since its release.”

That is, until now.  Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that it has shipped over one million Move units in North and Latin America.  Now, as most of you know, this is not an indication that the Move has sold over a million units, rather that Sony has shipped this many units to retailers.  But a comment made by Jack Tretton, Chief Executive Officer of SCEA, indicates that the interest for the controller is definitely there.  “Retail demand is incredibly strong and we’re working hard to keep the product in stock.”

I visited a local Gamestop (looking to buy an additional Move controller) and discovered that there were none available.  The manager of the store stated that the standalone controllers do tend to disappear as soon as they arrive.  This might not be the case at every store in every location, but he did confirm that the non-bundled controllers are definitely not staying on the shelf long.

Here’s to hoping we get a lot of creative application of this new controller via new and innovating gaming ideas.

…Because you know you want this.

Stay tuned to the PSNation Podcast for continuing coverage on the PlayStation Move.

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