Rock Band 3: Pro Guitar Trailer and Free Doors DLC

No matter how ready you think you are for Rock Band 3 the new Pro Guitars will totally change how you play the game. Harmonix recently released a trailer where they pull back the curtain on the biggest innovation to their wonderful platform. First there are two types of Pro Guitars, the Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar (aka the “Button Guitar”) and the Fender Squier Stratocaster (the “real guitar”).

The “Button Guitar” sports a fingerboard with hundreds of buttons that will have you positioning your fingers as you would if you were playing an actual guitar. Your other hand isn’t left out of the action, as there is six strings that can pick up exactly which string you are strumming. While you won’t be developing calluses, you will get a more accurate feel for playing the game’s guitar parts. This should serve as an intermediate step between the traditional Rock Band button-based guitars and the Fender Stratocaster.

The Stratocaster is a real guitar. Actually, it’s a little better than a real guitar. See most guitars don’t have modified fingerboards that can detect your finger placement. What that means for players is that they can learn songs in Rock Band 3 using the Stratocaster and then plug right into an amp and wail away on the same parts. As stated in the trailer this is the Harmonix teams ultimate realization of the Pro Player performance.

If you could careless about learning a real instrument and just want to jump around your living room with some friends you haven’t been forgotten either. All the legacy instruments from Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2, Rock Band: Beatles, Rock Band: Green Day, and Lego Rock Band will all work with Rock Band 3. Harmonix wants to be respectful of their fans’ investment. So no matter which flavor of guitar you like, come Tuesday you will have plenty to keep you busy. We those who are about to rock, salute you!

Still waffling if you want to grab Rock Band 3 right away or wait to see if you can pick it up on sale on Black Friday? Well if you are a Doors fan you will want to be an early adopter. Picking up Rock Band 3 during its launch week (October 26 through November 1) allows you to download for free three of the Doors’ biggest hits, “Light My Fire,” “Riders of the Storm,” and “Touch Me.” This three-song track pack will be listed in the in-game Rock Band Music Store as “The Doors RB3 FREE Launch Pack.” In addition, you also get the Pro Guitar and Bass add-ons for these songs for free; these would typically cost a dollar extra per song. So if you do pick up Rock Band 3 in the first week you have no reason not to grab these freebies. However, if you are a true Doors fan next week even more great tunes are headed your way. “The Doors Greatest Hits: Special Edition” includes “Hello, I Love You,” “L.A. Woman,” “Love Her Madly,” “Love Me Two Times,” “Peace Frog,” “People Are Strange,” “Roadhouse Blues,” “Soul Kitchen,” and “The Crystal Ship.” This pack will set you back $14.99, but isn’t that a small price to pay to get to howl like Morrison without getting too many strange looks. So grab some friends, throw on some leather pants, and try to avoid joining the 27 club as you rock out with some classic tunes.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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