Killzone 3 Beta Day 1 – “Exo” Video (Mech’s!)

We’ll post a new video every day this week. For day 1, here’s extensive gameplay of the “Exo.” You may also want to pay attention to the audio, as they have definitely beefed it up since Killzone 2.

This map already shows the added complexity in the multiplayer in Killzone 3. Not only have the classes all changed, but the progression system has also been completely revamped. One item that surprised me the most, at least in the beta so far, is the complete lack of mobile spawn points. This is definitely the most “enclosed” map in the beta, and as you’ll see later this week, it’s definitely the smallest as well. The Exo’s are quite easy to control, but the limited visibility is something that takes a bit to get used to. These are going to be a pain to deal with early in the games release until enough players unlock the rocket launchers. Until then, you’ll have to either hit one with another Exo, or concentrate LMG and stationary machine guns to take them out. Air-Drones and turrets do have a decent effect on them, but an experienced Exo pilot will be able to eliminate those in short-order. Enjoy!

Please remember, this is a Beta, and anything you see in this and the rest of the videos are subject to change.


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Written by Glenn Percival

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