Sony Adds 3D Video Section to PlayStation Store

For some time now, the PlayStation Store has had a section for 3D.  Before Sony added 3D games and demos, the section contained some videos of 3D games like Motorstorm.  But these videos were not in actual 3D (rather 2D videos showcasing some of the future 3D titles), so those early 3D TV adopters hoping to experience the same Killzone 3 3D video seen at E3 were seriously out of luck.

But starting today, Sony has opened up a new section in the PlayStation Store’s video section.  Under new releases, a new 3D section has been added.  At this point the video section is limited to only three 3D videos:  a new Bon Jovi 3D music video, a 3D Sizzle Video for Discovery, IMAX, and Sony’s new 3D channels (coming in 2011), and the entire 3D movie Monster House .  The first two videos are free rentals, while the 3D version of Monster House is $4.99 (not bad, considering the movie goes for 30 bucks at Best Buy).

While the adoption of  3D TVs is still in its very early stages, it’s nice to see Sony taking a proactive step in providing easy access to 3D content.

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  • Anonymous

    You guys should make the website in 3D! (or 4D…………which one is good?)

    • 4D would be killer! Like that old game on PS1 that promised 4th Dimensional Play.

  • Anonymous

    i bought a 3d tv a couple of months back and so far im not too impressed with the offerings to be honest,gt5 and killzone 3 are what im waiting for,as for the 3d videos on psn,we dont have a video section in ireland yet,so the only movie ive seen is monsters vs aliens,which i got with the tv,looks amazing though.